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REPORT: 1st September 2007.
Midland Railway Ranger Led Walk.

This was a Ranger led walk along the old Midland Mainline to Manchester. They take place regularly, see here for details. The walk is about 9 miles but being and old railway it is quite flat so is easy going. It starts at the long closed Bakewell station and finishes at Miller's Dale Junction where minibuses take you back to Bakewell. They charge a nominal fee (£2) for the bus back and the pace is quite sedate.

The walk takes in the following tunnels:

  1. Headstone (533yds)
  2. Cressbrook (471yds)
  3. Litton Mill (515yds)
  4. Chee Tor No.1 (401yds)
  5. Chee Tor No.2 (94yds)
  6. Rusher Cutting (121yds)

  7. Miller's Dale Viaducts: Viaducts are impressive structures and exciting in their own right but they don't have that nerve tingling excitment and sense of going into the unknown that tunnels have (unless you bungy jump off them I guess!). Anyway, while I was up there anyway, I took a few snaps.

Note: Chee Tor No.2 and Rusher cutting are open to the public at all times. Headstone, Cressbrook, Litton Mill and Chee Tor No.1 are locked and can only be visited on a walk.

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