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I try to get out to as many tunnels as I can though two kids and a career tends to tie up most of my time! My trips out to explore tunnels are, more or less, half on my own and half with John so when I say 'we' in a report take it to mean John and me. Sometimes others turn up in which case I mention them by name. I do a lot of research before I go and produce detailed itineraries so that I get to as many tunnels as possible in the time available.

Unlike many general urban explorers I am not motivated by photography and I have tended to take basic hand-held flash-lit snaps as a simple record, even inside tunnels, so that I can move on quickly to the next tunnel. However, now I have set up this site, my old pics look a bit rough (!) so I have recently started to take a little bit more time over my photos - not to the extent of taking coloured light sticks and spending half a day in a single tunnel - but just enough to get a couple of decent light painted pics of each tunnel. My aim is to walk as many tunnels as I can so time is of the essence and stopping for lots of lengthy time exposures is likely to mean the difference between doing ten tunnels a day or two. I also intend to start making odd trips specifically to take photos - I will be going to Draycott (aka Cheadle) sometime soon to photograph the collapse (and have a go at getting over it into uncharted territory).

Anyway... this section is effectively an archive of my tunnel explorations out there on site. Click the links to the right to go to a year then click on the photos to go to the Report. The Reports are, as of May 2010, basic records of my visits to tunnels with a few words about each. I will expand these with maps and other bibliographical information as and when I find time...

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