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Cressbrook 471yds, SK170725
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cressbrook_01s.jpg cressbrook_02s.jpg cressbrook_03s.jpg
Again, a great setting for a tunnel. Again, big F.O. doors! They really were big! Like the giant's castle in my son's fairytale books.The ranger had to reach above his head to put the massive key in the massive keyhole! The Ranger still hasn't bothered with that pesky hard hat.
cressbrook_04s.jpg cressbrook_05s.jpg cressbrook_06s.jpg
Midland used red brick and GC used blue brick. A few mini stalactites in here. And that bloke kept staring at me, what did I do wrong? That concrete platform along the down side of the tunnel is there again... Along with some more non-PC and anti-H&S junk inside the portal.
cressbrook_07s.jpg cressbrook_08s.jpg cressbrook_09s.jpg
I am really surprised the council let these walks go ahead. There must have been risk assessments – and the walks got through! There must be insurance stipulations – and the walks can still go ahead! There must be dozens of average intelligence bureaucrats in the Council whose day is not complete if they cannot misinterpret at least one HSC Regulation or Guideline – but the walks still go ahead! How did they get through? I wonder if there is one really keen Midland Railway fan somewhere in the bureaucratic muddle of local government who just kept pushing...? And out we go. No casualties yet. They even let women in there!!
Back to 1st September. Midland Railway Tunnel Walk.
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