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Headstone 533yds, SK185715
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Something more interesting than the tunnel up there? Not to me! (Note, i'm glad to say the person not wearing a hard hat is the Ranger). No time for serious photography. But I reckon if you ask nicely they'll give you a few minutes in each tunnel for a quick light painting episode. All the tunnels are dry and quite even under foot though there are one or two piles of junk inside one or two portals. The Ranger's were great. I expected Health and Safety to the fore and to be treated like cattle/children... but no, they were happy to let us get on with it - I didn't even see them counting people in and out. Just a cursory check to make sure everyone was out. I could still be in there!
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Big F.O doors! They have integrated locks so no padlock to cut off (for those of you that way inclined). They keys are about 5 inches long! A pleasant lack of H&S in the dark despite debris that could do you a serious injury (but only if you pick it up and beat yourself with it). The mob exits the first tunnel and not a single broken bone. As I said, big F.O. doors!
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Put wood in 'ole. There's something about the portals... the profile is very elegant and the setting is spectacular. Apparently Hilary Bliss is a Ranger on his day off from the butcher's up the road in Royston Vasey. The path for the usual walkers deviates to the left, it was good to go straight on.
Back to 1st September. Midland Railway Tunnel Walk.
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