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Ramping up again. Over 150 tunnels walked now.
Dial Wood 18th October 2010. Trent Concrete Works: I went for a reccie of this tunnel which no one seemed to know much about (though it is on Nigel Callaghan's CD). I was with Tom (my 2 year old) so had no intention of doing it, I just wanted to prepare for a future visit. John went a few weeks later and did it so it is available. I also visited Sneinton (now a shooting range) and Sherwood Rise - two Nottingham tunnels that are still extant that I need. I may have to ask the shootists nicely... (Temporary page with a few pics)
Dial Wood 30th October 2008. Dial Wood: A quick run to Yorkshire with Dial Wood tunnel as our main target. John and I scraped a quick itinery together the night before including: Crigglestone, 'Horbury West Curve' and Healy House as well as Dial Wood and a few mineral line tunnels in the area. I had heard that Dial Wood is 'available' but had not seen pictures on the internet so wasn't sure. I was pleasantly surprised to find it easily accessible (on the south side of the road to the detention centre). (Temporary page with a few pics)
Prospect 27th April 2008. Brunswick & Keighly Area: I nipped across to Harrogate to do Brunswick and Prospect tunnels (Didn't try for the Gas Works tunnel). I then carried on to Keighley, Ingrow, Lees Moor, Doe Park 1 2 and 3, Hammer's Hill and Well Heads. Managed to do 7 of them. Revisits to the rest needed...
Thurnby 14th April 2008. Thurnby Tunnel: I'd visited several years before just after some seriously big anti-human but bat friendly piling had been installed blocking the Leicester end (the other end is buried). I saw a pic on the internet showing a hole in these defences so I went down on 14/04/08, picked John up, and we went and did it, then went for a curry - nice!
Port Mulgrave 24th February 2008. Port Mulgrave & Sandsend: Nice day out, just me and my maps. Only got 20m into Port Mulgrave 'cos the water and mud were well above my wellies. Waders needed or just get mucky next time! Onto Kettleness, Sandsend, Ravenscar and Falsgrave. Planned to go to the very scary Burdale (apparently there is a wall of bricks peeling from the roof. Bricks were falling around him when John went!) but time ran out. Perhaps it's just as well! Nevertheless, a good day!
index_tunnel_walk_200.jpg 1st September 2007. Midland Railway in the Peak 02: I went on a Ranger led walk along the ex Midland Railway Matlock to Manchester line on the taking in the following tunnels: Headstone, Cressbrook, Litton Mill and Chee Tor No.2, which are locked, and Chee Tor No. 1 and Rusher Cutting which are open. Highly Recommended. Ranger Walks Details Here.
index_ironstone_200.jpg 8th May 2007. East Mids and Ironstone Lines: A quick trip out taking in Gills Corner, Oxenden and Kelmarsh tunnels (I finally managed to do all 4 on my 4th visit!) We then headed for the East Midlands Ironstone Lines where research had identified 6 short tunnels including one under the Midland Main Line!
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