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REPORT: 27th April 2008.
Harrogate and Keighley Area.

Still stuck in York I managed another day out. This one was aimed at clearing up the GN between Queensbury and Keighley.In the end I didn't get into Lees Moor or Well Heads, but, as I always say... I'll be back!

The itinery was:

Sunday 27th

  1. Brunswick: Famously closed so long ago that there are no photos of it in operation because the camera hadn't been invented! The eastern portal is extant, the western is buried. An air raid shelted was built in the western end during the WWII.
  2. Prospect: A 'text book tunnel' as John likes to say!
  3. Keighly Goods: The southern portal is next to the kettle crank's line (bloody steam engines, they're all the same - just tubes on wheels, no character... and they all sound the same: chuff, chuff, chuff; not like the diesels which are all different shapes and sizes and all make different and exciting noises). The tunnels passes under the kettle line and came out in what is now a carpet store with big snarly guard dogs on Sundays - so I don't know if the portal is buried or not!
  4. Ingrow: A short tunnel under the grounds of a big fancy house. No trace remains.
  5. Lees Moor: Another famous tunnel, this time because it curves through more than 90° - and because it is full of caravans. I was going to ask but there was no one there. Piss poor plannig on my part really... I should have asked in advance. The eastern end was walled up in the 90's. John did this from the eastern end early in the 90's and it was blatantly open.
  6. Doe Park No's 1, 2 and 3: Three tunnels one after the other, all bricked up at one end and bricked up with a door at the other end.
  7. Hammer's Hill: South of Denholme station between Doe Park and Well Heads
  8. Well Heads: was very late and I only got to the western end. There was a more-than-a-welly-deep bog and I was already cold and wet so packed up and headed back to York.
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