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Brunswick 415yds, SE306542 (Opened 1848, Closed 1862)
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There is a quagmire from the junction at the north end of Oatlands station to the portal. From the bridge on Hookstone Road, don't go down to the station, go through the park on the SW side of the line until you get to a house, then go over the fence to the right and down the embankment. This brings you straight down to the portal. It was misty in there when I went and I forgot me bleedin' tripo - again - so photography was difficult. The stalactites are quite long in here, second longest I've seen after Stephenson's tunnel at Wapping in Liverpool.
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Unlike Liverpool, though, this is a full sized tunnel so they are high up. The air raid shelter is at the buried noth end of the tunnel and was accessed via steps . There is a short landing which runs to the right at the top of the steps then there was a bend to the left and more steps to the surface.
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The final steps have been removed and the top covered. The shelter itself was between the two walls at the bottom of the steps. A light-painted view from the top of the stairs... ... and a light-painted view inside the air raid shelter.
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