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Doe Park Tunnels
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No.1 Tunnel 145yds, SE074344
images/doe_park_1_01s.jpg images/doe_park_1_02.sjpg images/doe_park_1_03s.jpg
Looking north from the top of the north portal. Looking south from the top of the north portal. The south portal with the unlocked door. It was held back by a couple of feet of debris and a foot of water. I cleared the debris and opened the door and the water poored into the tunnel. (This pic was taken after I came out again so the water has gone).
images/doe_park_1_04s.jpg images/doe_park_1_05s.jpg images/doe_park_1_06s.jpg
Inside the south portal. This one was misty again. It was rapidly filling with water through the door. The seeled north portal from inside. the water was catching me up and it was a soggy walk back. The seeled north portal from the outside.
No.2 Tunnel 33yds, SE074342
images/doe_park_2_01s.jpg images/doe_park_2_02s.jpg
The tiny (33yd) No.2 tunnel. Local youth use it as a den by the looks of things. This is their front room with a straw cushioned sofa, a fire and a space for the TV! A nice cosy place to shoot up. Beware of the needles.
No.3 Tunnel 153yds, SE074341
images/doe_park_3_01s.jpg images/doe_park_3_02s.jpg images/doe_park_3_03s.jpg
It was dark by the time I got to this one. It was quite a scramble through some alotments, over a stone wall and down an embankment. It was misty inside and so completing a series of crap photos of the Does Park tunnels and Hammer's Hill - apologies for this! Oil drums and other chemical containers left inside the southern portal presumably by local farmers. Too right I don't understand their country ways. Ditto. Neither photo is much kop. Choose your favourite!
Back to 27th April 2008. Harrogate and Keighley Area
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