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REPORT: 3rd October 2009.
Manc Odds 'n' Sods & Oldham.

With the Oldham Loop closing for conversion to tramway the two tunnels in Oldham became disused and, therefore, fair game! So, John, Ogbert and I went to watch the last train go and then have a look at the tunnels. On the way we did a couple of odds 'n' sods in the Manc area. Brinnington No.2 is a walkway so I knew it would be easy. I have wanted to scout round the Salford Docks branch to look for manholes for a long time! I dream of getting into these tunnels but I suspect they are infilled. I also wanted to look at the latest state of the tunnels at Throstle Nest which are affected by the South Manchester extension of the Metrolink. No obvious sign of any manholes on the Docks branch but we didn't have much time, I need to go back in daylight and walk the tops of the tunnels. Throstle nest was an even bigger washout. It was dark and everything was securely fenced with security guards everywhere. Didn't go to the north-west end though (opposite Manc police headquarters!), we ran out of time, will have to go back another time.

We headed off to Wigan to meet Fat Daz who was interested in coming to Oldham with us. We did:

Saturday 3rd October

  1. Brinnington No.2 - Open to the public on a bracnh of the river Tame Path.
  2. "Didsbury" - Long bridge under a roundabout.
  3. L&Y Salford Docks branch - Just a quick scout round. I have studied this and overlaid old maps on new so know exactly where the tunnels were. This part of Manc used to be back to back terraces. These were pulled down in the 70's. Entire streets ceased to exist.
  4. Oldham Werneth Tunnel
  5. Oldham Central Tunnel
  6. Hayfield - Creep past the signalbox...


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