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'Rowrah Hall' ~300yds, NY059178
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rowrah_hall_01s.jpg rowrah_hall_02s.jpg rowrah_hall_03s.jpg
Salterhall Quarry looking south from the east bank. And looking north. The point where the gao narrows was where the quarried out section was. The tunnel went through the left side of this land.
rowrah_hall_04s.jpg rowrah_hall_05s.jpg
1980's map showing the tunnel connecting the quarries before the land between them was quarried out. Looking north from above the north end of Salterhall Quarry towards Rowrah Hall Quarry. And looking north-west from the same spot.
rowrah_hall_06s.jpg rowrah_hall_07s.jpg rowrah_hall_08s.jpg
Some of the quarry gear near the entrance to Rowrah Hall Quarry at about NY056183. The southern section of the water in Rowrah Hall Quarry looking south. The quarried out section can be seen again. When we found the remnant of the tunnel it looked like this. Just big enough to see through.
rowrah_hall_09s.jpg rowrah_hall_10s.jpg rowrah_hall_11s.jpg
So we set to work again. This one gives it some scale and perspective. When we ran outof energy it looked like this. It isn;t as big a gap as it looks. It is no more than 12 inches high.
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