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Mossdale 245yds, SD822921
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mossdale_01s.jpg mossdale_02s.jpg mossdale_03s.jpg
Approaching the west portal. The footpath deviates to the left over the tunnel. Close up of the west portal. Inside the west portal looking west. The farmer keeps his gear in here.
mossdale_04s.jpg mossdale_05s.jpg mossdale_06s.jpg
More of the farmer's junk. The sonework lining the tunnel is in poor condition. More farm ephemera.
mossdale_07s.jpg mossdale_08s.jpg mossdale_09s.jpg
Hay bails half way through the tunnel, either to stop sheep getting from one filed to the other or winter fodder (or both).. The dodgy roof. The lining is bowed inwards and masonary has fallen. No collapse though... yet.
mossdale_10s.jpg mossdale_11s.jpg mossdale_12s.jpg
High up view taken from on top of more hay bails. The bowing can be seen in this view. General view of the tunnel looking west 200yds from the west portal. Looking west from just inside the east portal.
mossdale_13s.jpg mossdale_14s.jpg mossdale_15s.jpg
Looking east from inside the east portal.. More farmer's junk inside the east portal. Close up of the east portal looking directly into the sun.
mossdale_16s.jpg mossdale_17s.jpg mossdale_18s.jpg
I like messing with taking pics into the sun. Another view of the east portal. The approach to the east portal.
Back to 28th May 2010. Cumbria.
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