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Kelton Quarry ~20yds, NY067183
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kelton_quarry_01s.jpg kelton_quarry_02s.jpg kelton_quarry_03s.jpg
Map showing the tunnel rail connected to the mainline. The west portal is in a deep rock cutting. The approach through the cutting is quite boggy.
kelton_quarry_04s.jpg kelton_quarry_05s.jpg kelton_quarry_06s.jpg kelton_quarry_07s.jpg
We arrived during a dry spell. The water is probably deeper most of the time. The mud looks as though it is usually underwater. It has that beach at low tide look about it. The mud is made up of extremely fine silt and is, therefore, particularly gooey! The tunnel is only about 20yds long and the mud only extend half way through.
kelton_quarry_08s.jpg kelton_quarry_09s.jpg kelton_quarry_10s.jpg kelton_quarry_11s.jpg
Looking back from the top of the infill at the east end. Looking over the the infill towards the buried east portal. For most tunnels that would be end of story... ...but not here. Looking to the right from the last pic and you see this. There is an offshoot of the main tunnel which head up towards the surface. It is blocked at the top.
kelton_quarry_12s.jpg kelton_quarry_13s.jpg kelton_quarry_14s.jpg kelton_quarry_15s.jpg
Photo taken by sticking my camera around the end of the portal in the last pic. Turning around and looking down, this is what you see. And with a bit of light painting with the camera balanced on a rock. Back down to the bottom and looking back the towards the west portal and upwards, there is a sheer rock face.
kelton_quarry_16s.jpg kelton_quarry_17s.jpg kelton_quarry_18s.jpg kelton_quarry_19s.jpg
With a pipe sticking out from above. Another view of the rock face. And a shot taken showing it in relation to the tunnel portal. Looking back towards the portal from the top of the infill.
kelton_quarry_20s.jpg kelton_quarry_21s.jpg kelton_quarry_22s.jpg kelton_quarry_23s.jpg
And from half way down the infill at roof level. There are a couple of these in the roof at the west end. Along with numerous 1980's style cans of 'Red' (McEwans). Pic taken through the pallisade fencing showing the ground above the offshoot, the tunnel is behind the trees on the left. Through the fence again with the filled in tunnel under below the fence in the middle. I'd like a pic from in there...
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