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Shap Blue Quarry ~225yds, NY568108
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blue_quarry_01s.jpg blue_quarry_02s.jpg blue_quarry_03s.jpg
The tunnel goes in just to the right of the middle of this pic. The A6 on the last ridge in the middle of the photo. It now carries a conveyor through the ridge. This is the south-west portal, it's a bit messy!
blue_quarry_04s.jpg blue_quarry_05s.jpg blue_quarry_06s.jpg
The first 30yds or so is unlined. Then there is a lining of precast concrete sections. The north-east end has a few inches of standing water for the last 30yds or so - hence John's strange shuffling position, one foot either side of the water!
blue_quarry_07s.jpg blue_quarry_08s.jpg blue_quarry_09s.jpg
A big tall thingy outside the north-eastern portal. If trains ran through the tunnel thenit must have been 'taller' than it looks in this pic. There is a concrete base throughout most of the tunnel. Presumably this is quite thick to support the conveyor and, with its foundation, probably amounts to 18 inches or so, hence the low appearance. The conveyor was off and the quarry was quiet when we were there (it was about 6am).
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