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Pen-cae-drain Tunnel 520yds, SN916077
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pen_cae_drain_01s.jpg pen_cae_drain_02s.jpg pen_cae_drain_03s.jpg
Soggy trackbed at the west end. The way in. On the other side is 6" of sludge and none of us were in wellies so we had to shuffle along the fence to the edge where the sludge was only an inch or two deep. A bit overexposed but you get the idea. This tunnel has quite a few stalactites and, most unusually, stalagmites.
pen_cae_drain_04s.jpg pen_cae_drain_05s.jpg pen_cae_drain_06s.jpg
Shuffling along the fence to avoid the sludge. This shows the dumpy stalagmites. I like this pic, it looks like an alien environment! Its a bit wet in there but nothing you can't splash through in 'sensible' shoes.
pen_cae_drain_07s.jpg pen_cae_drain_09s.jpg pen_cae_drain_08s.jpg
This refuge has been dug right out to the hillside. You can just see the entrance to the passage. This is the low passageway leading off to the hillside from the refuge. It starts off about 2½ feet high but gets narrower. We didn't bother following it - though it would have been good practice for Rhondda! It is about 80yds long and there is nothing proverbial about the light at the end of this tunnel. This little stalactite is on the tunnel wall. It has grown down away from the curved wall and then joined back to the wall again at the bottom where the wall curves back around. Simple things...
pen_cae_drain_10s.jpg pen_cae_drain_11s.jpg pen_cae_drain_12s.jpg
The infill. Fatna and Phil waited at the bottom whilst... ...John and I went to the top.
Back to 6th June 2010. South Wales.
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