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Waterloo 852yds, SJ344913.
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Outside the main tunnel is a short and wide extension which is substantially filled in. the remnants form part of the carpark. There are still remnants of the wall fixtures including this insulator. It is unbranded, nothing of value would survive this long in Liverpool! Stood above the main tunnel, this is the view to the 'extension' across the carpark. This is the infilled cutting. Turn around and... This is the main tunnel. Easy access for such a long tunnel, especially as the other end open out on the live Network Rail lines. The tunnel is infilled to about 10 feet from the apex for the first 100yds or so. The infill material is obviously a good growing medium for fungi. Bring yer own frying pan!
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The tunnel is fairly dry except for short sections of shallow standing water. Stalactite over a refuge. The 'gap' between Waterloo and Victoria. There is a bridge over it There used to be a short siding on each side in this restricted space. There are store rooms on both sides in the gap. Looking back to Waterloo from under the bridge in the gap. Another store room with what could have been a pedestal for a shunt signal stashed away.
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The airshafts show just how shallow these tunnels are. Another view from the east end of Waterloo showing the gap and the west portal of Victoria. Pltelayers hut in the 'gap'. This appears to be on the line of one of the sidings. If so it must have been built after the sidings were abandoned. In the land of the snowmen, mp3 players are not necessary; you just put the record on your head. This one is boogying to Bowie with his ear muff headphones. Part of the tunnel is circular in profile. A final view on the way back looking towards the carpark at the west end. (Dodgy quality again - sorry!!)
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