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Victoria 1m 934yds, SJ361905
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From the east portal of Waterloo looking through the gap to Victoria. Victoria west portal from the plate layers hut. Unlined sandstone. Frames of some sort of wagon. One of the airshafts is offset to the south of the tunnel. It rises above the south wall of the tunnel.
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There is a lintel in the tunnel wall to support the break in the lining. Looking back to the gap - the far end of Waterloo is visible. Patterns in the unlined sandstone. There are waking great iron chain markers in the tunnel. Someone has hoiked a pair off and stashed them but decided they are too heavy to get home. There are a couple of mileposts in here. End of the old run-round facility.
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Rusty bull head rail. there are a lot of missing sleepers. The Edge Hill end looking out. The east portal from outside. Erstwhile overhead structure. Looking back to the portal an my way back... 2 miles to go! Shunt signal near the end of the line!
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There was just enough room for the engine to get past the signal so the controls must have excluded at least the first track beyond the signal - if there were any controls at all. Gongy thing. These had several uses in tunnels from giving the driver an idea of how fast he was going in the pitch dark smoky interior of a tunnel to warning workers ahead of an approaching train. Dunno what it was used for in this case; probably the former. Got me arse in gear and did one light painting shot with the camera on a milk crate! It's still not very good. This is about 200 yards from the east end looking west (at the gap). It shows the unlined sandstone that makes up much of the tunnel. There is a line of bolts carrying these reflective brackets in the roof of the tunnel for no apparent reason. A comfy snug hiding place for 'the workers'. Imaging being in here with a fire and a billy can when it is snowing and cold outside... and getting paid for it. Nice. Another cranny. This one has a post with a 'SWITCH' sign on it hidden away.
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