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Well Heads 662yds, SE081330
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This is a nice starter for anyone who wants an introduction to 'Advanced Tunnelling'! It has all the typical scary elements of the approaches to some of the more dodgy tunnels. There is the sound of rushing water far inside and a very boggy approach to get the pulse up as you approach. But rest assured, once you get inside, it is very sound with a clean fresh atmosphere and good clear visibility for taking photos (not that I had time as usual).

The 'Country' end is filled in and has had boarding fitted to the top couple of meters. This has rotted and begun to collapse letting the daylight through. The light can be seen almost from the Leeds end portal. Take yer wellies if you want to wade through the foot or so of water at the Country end and squeeze out for a photo.

You can just about pick out the source of the water noise in the fourth pic. It can be heard right from the entrance; water is simply pouring through the brick lining a couple of hundred yards in (seen as a continuous stream, of course, in the picture due to the time exposure).

well_heads_04s.jpg well_heads_05s.jpg well_heads_06s.jpg
Back to 9th - 11th December 2009. West Yorkshire
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