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Thackley Old 1496yds, SE178388
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The west portal. There is a breeze block wall with huge vent pipes half way through the tunnel. The pipes are big enough to crawl through so take a ladder (I knew the wall was there but didn't know the pipes were so big or I would have taken one!) As you walk in from the west end the chainage reduces (i.e. '0' is at the east end). The wall is near the 47ch marker (i.e. about 46½ch).
thackley_17s.jpg thackley_19s.jpg thackley_20s.jpg thackley_21s.jpg
Airshaft. The airshaft in relation to the west portal. The next airshaft is very wet. There is a constant stream of water.
thackley_05s.jpg thackley_06s.jpg thackley_07s.jpg thackley_08s.jpg
Just above the west end is an airshaft. The approach to the east end. Closer. Inside the east portal.
thackley_09s.jpg thackley_10s.jpg thackley_11s.jpg thackley_12s.jpg
Bit moist at this side so a draingae channel has been dug. Airshaft. The west end wall. I have heard talk that there is an Overhead Line Sub-Station in there. Anyone know? Pipes at ground level as well at this end.
thackley_13s.jpg thackley_14s.jpg thackley_15s.jpg thackley_16s.jpg
Along the ground level pipes. Drainage pit in front of the wall. The wall at this end is beyond the 40ch marker (i.e. 40½ch). So whatever it is is about 6ch long (approx 121m). The wall showing the 40 chain mark.
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