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Queensbury 1m 741yds, SE096301
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queensbury_01s.jpg queensbury_02s.jpg queensbury_03s.jpg queensbury_04s.jpg
Dunno! Big tins of something! An isolated length of rail still in the tunnel Poor photo at the start of the water. When I get home I always wish I'd got the tripod out and taken lots of pics but my main reason for being there is to 'do' as many tunnels as possible. To visit 20 tunnels in two days unfortunately doesn't leave much time for photography. Shelving type thingy.
queensbury_05s.jpg queensbury_06s.jpg queensbury_07s.jpg queensbury_08s.jpg
Graffiti. Fallen masonary. A tripod view from where the water reached the top of my wellies. You can see how deep it is in the distance. At an airshaft looking back towards the North portal.
queensbury_09s.jpg queensbury_10s.jpg queensbury_11s.jpg queensbury_12s.jpg
Water pissing down the next airshaft. Some famous graffiti. A report on Queensbury wouldn't be complete without it. A relatively dry bit with just six inches of water flowing in the trench. 11 chains in looking back to the portal.
queensbury_13s.jpg queensbury_14s.jpg queensbury_15s.jpg queensbury_16s.jpg
More fallen masonary. It is muddy for the first 150yds or so. It was absolutely pissing it down for the first 10yds. There was curtain of water pouring down from above the tunnel covering the whole of the doorway so bring a coat with a hood! And don’t forget yer wellies. The beautiful North portal.
Back to 9th - 11th December 2009. West Yorkshire
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