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Old Lane 403yds, SE089258
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If you're going, look for the chimney, cross the road, jump over the wall, then over the little wall and down to the West portal of the tunnel. Or just go from the staion site (the shiny new car park) through the bridge to the East portal (less adventurous and less interesting - but easier!) The East portal again, the Mill tunnel dropped down to the right of the mainline and went underneath to come out in the Mill complex. The West portal One wooden sleeper and a couple of bull head rail chairs.
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Looking towards the East portal. Closer to the East portal. Looking out of the East portal, through the gate, towards the station (car park). It was clearly cut and cover with stone walls either side and masonary built over the top. The profile changes several times. Close up of the stone retaining wall and the masonary cover.
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The tunnel is very clear and dry exceopt for one spring coming through the North wall and almost immediately dissapearing underground, presumably into the tunnel drainage. Another minor profile change. Could it be that the tunnel was extended piecemeal to its current length to allow for industrial development to take place over it? Towards the West end the brickwork reaches the ground so this may have been bored? Inside the West portal. All the GN tunnels in the area have these chain markers on the walls.
Back to 9th - 11th December 2009. West Yorkshire
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