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(Pudsey) Greenside 616yds, SE215326
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The East end is in a seriously deep cutting next to the main road. The other is easier to access down a path in a housing estate. Inside is dry throughout. The tunnel is curved and there is a single airshaft about 250yds from the west portal. You are never totally isolated from daylight which can cause problems with long exposures and light painting - so go at night if you are serious about photography. (P.S. Thanks to Graeme Bickerdike for pointing out that I had three portals and 3 airshafts for this tunnel! The photos are now correct... I think!) greenside_01s.jpg greenside_02s.jpg greenside_03s.jpg
greenside_04s.jpg greenside_05s.jpg greenside_06s.jpg greenside_07s.jpg greenside_08s.jpg
People often ask me what causes the longitudinal lines that appear on the floor of many tunnels. It is simply caused by years and years of water dripping from the roof. The water tends to drip from the mortar between the bricks which are, of course, in neet lines - hence the lines on the floor. I started doing tunnels to get away from beer and football!
greenside_09s.jpg greenside_10s.jpg greenside_11s.jpg greenside_12s.jpg greenside_13s.jpg
greenside_14s.jpg greenside_15s.jpg greenside_16s.jpg greenside_17s.jpg greenside_18s.jpg
Me and me taken by me. Just me this time. There was a handy pallet on which I balanced the camera for a bit of light painting and to take the pictures of me, me and me. The tunnel is clearly DDA compliant and 'accessible' as a disabled dwarf, pardon, vertically challenged person has managed to get in. Even more amazing is that they managed to get out again without their mini crutch! Strangley, there was another mini crutch in Clayton yesterday. Perhaps tunnels have healing properties?
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