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Dudley Hill HL 65yds and LL 55yds, SE185305 and St. Dunstan's 44yds, SE168321
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The two tunnels can clearly be seen on this map (circa 1908). The pic below left is taken from the position of, and facing in the direction of, the little arrow on the map above. The entire formation at its various levels is now under a footbal field. The Low Level tunnel South portal is now under the car park of Hallmark Greetings Cards!
dudley_hill_st_dunstans_01s.jpg dudley_hill_st_dunstans_02s.jpg
Dudley Hill HL tunnel north portal was somewhere in the forground. St. Dunstan's bricked up north-east portal adjacent to the extant Wakefield Road tunnel. This short tunnel went under a bend in Ripley Street.
dudley_hill_st_dunstans_03s.jpg dudley_hill_st_dunstans_04s.jpg
Looking back along the formation towards the obliterated south-west portal of the short 44yd St. Dunstans. The tunnel was behind the lamp post in the distance. Looking from the same spot along the line of the track to Clayton and Queensbury. There were three more tunnels in Bradford on this line (and the branch to City Road Goods), before it got out into the countryside and reached Clayton, Queensbury, Lees Moor, etc. The first was 'Ripley Street' (SE167318 - through the bridge under the main line), the second was 'Horton' (312yds, SE156319), the third was 'Great Horton Road' (69yds, SE151323, on the City Goods Branch) All were (apparently) filled in and buried in the 1980's (see here). I will go see one day... Keep your eyes open for manholes!
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