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Sandsend 1652yds, NZ847145
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sandsend_01s.jpg sandsend_02s.jpg sandsend_03s.jpg
Approaching the north portal after leaving Kettleness. It's looking a bit dodgy up there! More evidence of the dodginess of the portal at this end. (It collapsed a month or so later. I didn't touch it - honest!)
sandsend_04s.jpg sandsend_05s.jpg sandsend_06s.jpg
Looking back from 50yds in. There are four shafts. This is the first from the north. The first perpendicular shaft. I didn't go down there this time.
sandsend_07s.jpg sandsend_08s.jpg sandsend_09s.jpg
Calcification of varous colours due to varying degrees of iron oxide contamination. Third shaft from the north. Water pouring down the shaft. Rocks and debris at the bottom.
sandsend_10s.jpg sandsend_11s.jpg sandsend_12s.jpg
The second (of two) side shafts heading off to the cliff face. Light can be seen at then end of this one. There are a few short stalactities. close up of same.
sandsend_13s.jpg sandsend_14s.jpg sandsend_15s.jpg
Shaft four from the north. It's not as bad as it looks. Only a bit sloppy. Lookingbacl north into the abyss.
sandsend_16s.jpg sandsend_17s.jpg sandsend_18s.jpg
Looking back from 50yds in. Inside the south portal. A bit of a climb to get out. Close up.
sandsend_19s.jpg sandsend_20s.jpg sandsend_21s.jpg
Time exposure and light painting using my then very basic camera. Close up of south portal. Footpaths go either way over the tunnel. I went back over the top. I took the right hand path. The walk is highly recommended. It follows the cliff top (and you can see one of the side shaft portals along t he way).
Back to 2nd February 2008. Port Mulgrave & Sandsend Line
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