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Port Mulgrave ~2000yds, NZ790177
Back to 2nd February 2008. Port Mulgrave & Sandsend Line
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port_mulgrave_01s.jpg port_mulgrave_02s.jpg port_mulgrave_03s.jpg port_mulgrave_04s.jpg
Down the steps from the road above the cliff the portal peeps out at you (left lower middle) to build up the anticipation! Better views can be had as you get furth along the path. It looks sealed though. From the bottom it still looks inaccessible - my heart sank! It's only when you get close you see the tiny hidden gateway.
port_mulgrave_05s.jpg port_mulgrave_06s.jpg port_mulgrave_07s.jpg port_mulgrave_08s.jpg
Looking back from inside. This is what greets you as soon as you get in... a collapse! On top of the collapse looking at the hole left in the ceiling. And looking down from teh top of the collapse you glimpse TWO portals!
port_mulgrave_09s.jpg port_mulgrave_10s.jpg port_mulgrave_11s.jpg port_mulgrave_012s.jpg
Another view showing the collapse, the hole it has left in the ceiling and the wall above the portals. The two portals from the top of the collapse. The rail can just be seen under the water in the right portal. The left portal is smaller and believed to be for drainage.
port_mulgrave_13s.jpg port_mulgrave_14s.jpg port_mulgrave_15s.jpg port_mulgrave_16s.jpg
Looking into the darkness from just into the mud insode the right portal. Note the rail. Ditto. Ditto again. A quick snap along the left (drainage?) tunnel, the mud here was much deeper. Water was flowing from the main tunnel round the wall between the two and into this one.
Back to 2nd February 2008. Port Mulgrave & Sandsend Line
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