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Wolverhampton Low Level Up and Down Tunnels, 375yds, SO924987
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wolves_01s.jpg wolves_02s.jpg wolves_03s.jpg wolves_04s.jpg
The north portals. The 'Up' is behind the tree and the 'Down' is in view. Note WCML overhead line equipment can be seen above the GWR tunnels. One of the arches looking from the Down tunnel to the Up about 180yds in at the start of the water. John in the water in the Down tunnel. Dunno what the expression represents! Aaaarrghh!! If it is a great crested then call the RSPCA, call an ambulance, get the police, tell the queen... don't panic, don't panic! We'll have to relocate the tunnel brick by brick to an SSSSSSSI. Money no expense, bugger the NHS, save the newt...
wolves_05s.jpg wolves_06s.jpg wolves_07s.jpg wolves_08s.jpg
The Up tunnel and the water is just tipping over the top into my wellies. Couldn't see the end of the tunnel at the time - it was pitch dark. Photoshop has brought it out. Camera on the ballast further back for a bit of light painting. John was only there for a bit so you can see the south portal through his right leg! Camera balanced on a brick in the water of the Down tunnel. Down tunnel at welly depth of water.
wolves_09s.jpg wolves_10s.jpg wolves_11s.jpg wolves_12s.jpg
Ditto. Typical tunnel geology. The Up tunnel is muddy. I was in it to the top of my wellies to take the pic. I am always nervous of walking in the middle of tunnels when there is mud 'cos it can hide deep drains. A poking stick is recommended! Inside the Down tunnel north portal.
Back to 24th - 26th October 2009, West Mids and Highgate.
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