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Glenfield 1m 36yds, SK553064
This was one of my main wanted tunnels. We nipped in for a look on the way home. The doors had been broken open and it was possible to squeeze in. It was like all my childhood Christmases at once! Strengthening works were done in there a couple of years ago. There was a cable with bare bulbs hanging off it running the length of the tunnel. We switched on but unfortunately the power was off! glenfield_01s.jpg glenfield_02s.jpg glenfield_03s.jpg glenfield_04s.jpg
It was so dark it took a long exposure and light painting to get the outside of the west portal! The east portal is under a 1960's housing estate. inside the west portal. The electrical installation can be seen. Further insode are the caps of a couple of airshafts. This very early single bore is notoriously low and narrow.
glenfield_05s.jpg glenfield_06s.jpg glenfield_07s.jpg glenfield_08s.jpg glenfield_09s.jpg
The strengthening takes the form of bespoke pre-cast concrete arches of varying shapes to suit the tunnel at specific locations. It is remarkably dry in there. Many of the supports are around air shafts. John spinning his torch in the distance. I'd like to go back with the camera, tripod and a variety of lights. I am not usually into all that waffle - I just do tunnels - but this tunnel is particularly photogenic! Up yer shaft.
glenfield_10s.jpg glenfield_11s.jpg glenfield_12s.jpg glenfield_13s.jpg glenfield_14s.jpg
This one looks as though it is getting wet. The buried west portal. There is a manhole. We had looked for this manhole on the surface in the past. We believe it to be in the garden or drive of a house - though not sure. John taking hs pic We couldn't budge it from underneath. I wanted to know where it is so we can get in again when the door is repaired.
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