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Bridgnorth 559yds, SO717932
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bridgnorth_01s.jpg bridgnorth_02s.jpg bridgnorth_03s.jpg bridgnorth_04s.jpg bridgnorth_05s.jpg
inside the south portal. Profile consists of vertical walls with an arched roof. SVR pinched all the ballast before the bridge over the road to the south of the tunnel was removed.
bridgnorth_06s.jpg bridgnorth_07s.jpg bridgnorth_08s.jpg bridgnorth_09s.jpg bridgnorth_10s.jpg
It's either a female devil with six tits (in wolf form?!) or satan has one heck of a six-pack. The artist's cynicism is wasted in the middle of a dead tunnel. The starts and stripes is missing. Cable hangers General views (sans tripod). There is a curve at the north end...
bridgnorth_11s.jpg bridgnorth_12s.jpg bridgnorth_13s.jpg bridgnorth_14s.jpg bridgnorth_15s.jpg
...and a profile change. This way out! Horseshoe profile at the north end. Possibly replacing a damaged portal? Any one know? Drop me a line. Inside the north portal.
bridgnorth_16s.jpg bridgnorth_17s.jpg bridgnorth_18s.jpg bridgnorth_19s.jpg bridgnorth_20s.jpg
Debris. Looking back at the profile change. Close up inside the north portal. The north portal. Approach to the north portal.
Back to 24th - 26th October 2009, West Mids and Highgate.
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